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okay so here is my ginormous post. i doubt it will be though since i keep thinking about doing sick summerwork. ughh. and crampage. my day started at 6 maybe not since the heat made it impossible for me to sleep. i took a shower adn at 6:30 we left. got there were alreayd like 50 people and werent even sure if we would get tickets. called jessica to tell her to come then shelly and christina and maureen arrived. did some SAT work. and died. in the heat for like 10 hours or so. nasttyy. got mad at a lot of people and the people who got out of the matinee. also when they went in since they kept giving us these looks like "hah i have my ticket" or "eww you guys are sitting out here like your homeless" the sun came out adn ate us so we put up our umbrella fortress and had a faning system. i saved (i hope) shelly from dying in the heat with my CANADA umbrella. AHAHAH. when teh matinee people came out they kept asking stupid questions about us being in line or maybe it was stupid to me since i was in that phase where i target people and get pissed off. they were like "Oh are these people waiting for the evening show?" NO I JUST LIKE TO WAIT IN LINES FOR COUNTLESS HOURS. and i hated the people who like were fanning themselves when they got out and were like its hot. GO SHUTTUP YOU WERENT OUTSIDDEE THE WHOLE TIME. IM GOING TO SHOVE MY FAN UP YOURS ASS. and also this little girl walked by us and gave us a face like we smelled really bad. i didnt care since i was like yeah i bet i do since i am BAKING IN THE SUN! then we got our tickets like thirty-minutes later. i did a dance and gennia has the victory picture. then we went to the care to put our stuff bake and went to popeyes agian for teh air conditioning and food. got to the theater at 6 went in died. i went to the restroom with eva and i changed to jessica's awesome RENT SHIRT!!@ im so sad you couldnt go!! #&%#%. then we got our seats freaked out talked to some other rushers in the line and shelly since christina and maureen were far away. then it started! i loved being so close i kept catching little things other people were doing instead of watching the main thing. oh well it was good. and that conductor man was awesome. he was all cool looking with his mowhawk. ahhaa. i will do it christina's way.

so i guess i was really suprised when the whole thing started because i kept tlaking to shelly and saying how i wanted to pee myself because we were SO CLOSE and it was finally happening. so when you know roger and mark popped out i was like WOAH DUDE HOLY SHIT. and yeah.

RENT: okay so it was insanneee. everyone was all running around and on the little balcony things. it was SO GOOD and my ears were like WOAH LOUD but not as bad as christina since she was right by them. so close i could spit on them and they could spit on me. well i did see THEIR spit but whatevzzz.

One Song GLory: so yeah like christina i dont really like this song either but it was so good live. i mean it was like watching the movie but IN FRONT OF MY EYES and not original cast. Bryce Ryness is pretty good but sometimes he was a bit ehh. but when he belts it is so omgggg like SO GOOD>

Light My Candle: It was funny and so good. that part when mimi was like "i was born to be bad" and then roger did that movement. oh man so good. i could SMELL THE CANDLE after she blew it out. AHAHAHA okay that was random.

Today 4 U: also not one of my favorites but like i said before about the movie too i like watching it just not listening to it by myself. it was good though we got flahsed but there was green underwear underneath. man that drumming part insannee. and angel didnt look SO BUFF until that jacket was removed. dayumm.

Tango:Maureen / okay so joanne was insannee. her voice was just OMGG. and this was a really good performance. i kept wanting Jed(mark) to do some crazy ANTHONY RAPP TANGO moves but he didnt. his tango move was more reserved. ahaha but he did do a lot of anthony rapp-esque moves through-out. Jed was a more outgoing Mark to me than Anthony. just the things he did on stage were very different from how Anthony played Mark.

Life Support: oh man it was soo good. all those harmonies i wanted to punch myself. it was so beautiful.

Out Tonight: so i was really hyped up for this one since its one of those songs where everything is really fun and stuff. and well it was performed well but it just didnt seem that "WOAH OMGG" like she wasnt dancing around and stuff and going crazy. she was on the pole things but she just moved a little and then stopped and then moved a little more. i mean it was still good but i wanted her to do more.

Another Day: SO GOOD. omgg the part where eveeryone starts singing i wanted to die. like i said those damn harmonies are so pretty and its so clear live. omgggg/

Will I? : again harmonies really good and pretty and when everyone starts coming in was like woaahhh. i didnt even know where to look.

Santa Fe: I kept wanting them to dance around on the poles but then i realized there WERE NO POLES for them to swing on and i was sad. ahahaha. Collins was really good but there is something about Jesse L. Martin's voice that makes it so much more special but i did like our Collins.

I'll Cover You: It was really good and at the end when they kiss and hug they had to freeze and i just kept thing man they have to hug each other for a LOOOOOOOOOONNNGGGG time. HAHAAH okay i am lame. but i loved that part when the woman had that plaid jacket and the look on Angel's face. AHAHA. oh man

Christmas Bells: that part was always amusing and good. i liked that guys fuzzy hat i always looked at it. AHAHa

Over the Moon: Man Maureen's entrance blinded my eyesss. but so good. that one crazy guy across from me was so fun and insane. AHAHA he was the first to clap and cheer and stand up for the ovation. he was the first to MOO and he went all insane after because she was like "YESS YOU COME ON EVERYONE!" and yeah. i would freak out too if i got a little contact.

La vie Boheme: OKAY I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS SONG> omggg it was so good. the movements when they started doing the "La vie Boheme" thing was so cute and funny. and Mark jumped on teh tables so well and it was so insane. i loved that Mucho Masturbation part and he like wiped the table right after and swept it into his hands and threw it on this girl who was lying on the table after. AHAHA it was so good. it was so fun and energetic and omgg. i loved it. this is where Jed did some more Anthony Rapp-esque moves.

INTERMISSION!!! when it was time i didnt even know. i was all like WOAH since i kept wanting it to go. ahahaha. soi just talkerd to shelly and christina. and we freaked about my favorite song ever. TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME> holy shit i was like duude im going to pee myself when it comes. then it started again with that beauutiifull piano to...

Seasons of Love: HOLY SHIT OKAY i was dying because it was sooooo beautiful live i mean so surreal. i remember watching the movie and after that scene i died. #)*%(#% omgggg. but it was so good. but i was sort of spoiled with original cast since i kept thinking when they sing it its so much more powerful and this cast it seemed more quiet. but i didnt care since they were great. i so wanted her to hit that note but she didnt. she still rocked though.

Take me or leave me: HOLY FREAKEN SHIT. i was so not disappointed. it was SOO GOOD. i had goosebumps all over. theere voices were so powerful and SO GOOD> when it ended i was like DO IT AGAIN! #*(%#% AHGAHAH oh man i loved the part when Maureen hit the table. i loved everything about it actually. AHAHAHA. there was such a long pause because everyone kept clapping forever after since it was SO GOOD> the best song i think of the whole thing.

Without You: Im okay with this song normally but yesterday i was like awww. ahahaha. i kept watching everyone else on theier tables instead of Mimi and Roger. i mean i did once in awhile but i kept watching Collins and Angel. that was so sad.

Contact: HAH man those people on the fences were insannee. and that sheet part i kept watching them stroke the sheet. AHAHA well not really stroke but yeah. i was trying to see what everyone was doing like it was easy to see Mark since he had his scarf on. AHAHA. and then when Angel popped out that was cool since they were still clawing at the sheet. AHAHA and when it went into I'll Cover You Reprise and Angel walked off it was so pretty looking and sad.

I'll Cover You Reprise: SO EMOTIONAL AND SAD> omgg that cool guy across from me was crying. i could just see the tears and emotion on their faces. especially collins. he was SO GOOD. like towards the end when its all pretty and two differnt song things sort of. omgg so good.

Halloween: poor mark. always alone its so sad. i am always so scared for him when like when he was fighting with Roger. duude i thought he was going to die since Roger is scary mad and also because Roger is freaken tall. it was really good though. very angsty.

What You Own: oh man so good. those harmonies are so pretty. i wanted them to hug at the end of the song but that didnt happen. it was so good though. i kept wandering if Jed would go "AmeriCAA" like Anthony Rapp but he didnt.

Your Eyes/Finale: I didnt want the musical to end. i was like NOOOOOO. but it did and i was sad. it was so good at the end. i thought it was so weird when after Roger played your eyes mimi and him like have this huge dramatic kiss and she dies. i was like heh. AHAHAHA i dont know it was weird to me. but the finale was sooooo good adn pretty. with those damn harmonies again. and when the film started playing and mark flahsed the camera all over the theater. the freaken light blinded my eye when he got to our area. all i could see was a green dot for awhile. and when Angel came out at the end. awwww.

There was a standing ovation and it was awesome. mark flew over a table again when they came out. then we went out. suprisingly my feet didnt get trampled at all. didnt look at the merchandise just went out and died. then we went to stage door and meet people and moved in a BIG MOB with Jed. my feet didnt die then too. AHAHA he was so cute. AHAHAHA in that adorable sense okay. everyone was so nice. especially Ben Roseberry and Ano Okera. and Jed Resnick. AHAHA. awww so good. when we took that picture with Jed it was so funny because EVA's head popped out between christina and Maureen and Jed laughed at her. AHAHAHA SO FUNNY. i bet i look retarded in the picture. anyway here are some peektures from yesterday. gennia has all the ones after the show. everyone took pictures of the stage with their phones and cameras but i was chicken. AHAHA so sa how they caught shelly and not anyone else.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ when we went to go get Eva

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ waiting in line when we got there. it was really pretty in the morning but hot too.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ some of our mob

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ the rest of the mob

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ The linee sort of

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ Under the Umbrella Fortress!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ i was hungry in that fortress

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ watching alice put up the other part of the fortress

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ getting the fortress even more SUPER

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ other part of the fortress

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
^ inside the pantages well the outside thing.


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Jul. 25th, 2006 03:00 am (UTC)

so close i could spit on them and they could spit on me

i just kept thing man they have to hug each other for a LOOOOOOOOOONNNGGGG time

i so wanted her to hit that note but she didnt.
ME TOO. Omg. I was like omgomgomg it's coming...and then it didn't.

AHAHAHA in that adorable sense okay

Omg, it was soo good. I can't even put it into words. YAHHHHH!!
Jul. 26th, 2006 04:16 am (UTC)
Yes! Thank you for the umbrella. You really did save me. And it was soooo not cool how they caught me with the camera. -___- Stupid girl.

And omg, Jed. I wanted to hug him. Erica and I had a nice conversation about how his sweat is probably on my scarf now and how it would be funny if I rubbed it on my face or something. Hahahaha. We're weird.
Jul. 27th, 2006 04:31 am (UTC)
the "governator" hahhaha.

& it looks like you had fun at the rent thing!! :D how was it?
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