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ELAINNE!! sorry this is late my internet was down yesterday and i just got it back now. i hope you like that cd i made. its so lame. AHAHAHAHA i miss having PE with you. that was the best. maan. well i hope you had a good one. nothing much today. PACT meeting was okay. no one was listening lameos. Rampage is out! WOOT! but my pictures are all messed up because we were pasting right when that mini-black out came. what a bitch. anyway.... richard taught me how to make cool harry potter layout. yay! and uhhhhh it was really pretty today at lunch then it became a BIG BLACK HOLE SKY at night. Aids Walks Sunday. and uhhhhhh i think i did eh on my physics test. boo.


Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday's and stuff! i so didn't know you guys were going to get me stuff. Thanks for the shirt jessica! IT FREAKEN ROCKS! I WILL WEAR IT TOMORROW! THANKS FOR THE OTEHR STUFF TOO! LOVE YOU GUYSS!!! uhh more later since i need to get goinngg on stuff. oh right! thank you for the cakessss and richard for almost getting in trouble. ahahaha


i just screamed like a little girl right now. it was kind of funny but stupid. so i just got back from my tutoring stuff which i didnt know i had to go back to today since i am super tired and jet lagged. anyway so when i got inside the house, like the patio area, i heard my sister tell my dad (in the kitchen/living room) that there were crickets. and i was thinking "hahaha that's teh first thing she says when we come home." then when i went inside the house like i dont know how to explain it but all of you haev been to my house, well most of you, anyway i was walking in the living room where my sister was and i totally forgot about the crickets. then my sister goes "WATCH OUT FOR CRICKETS!" and i went "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and started hopping around and jumped into my luggage that i didnt unpack. AHAHAHA im retarded. then i started cursing and going WHAT THE HELL. okay that's it. i just thought that was stupid and funny. maybe you had to be there?

I am

hommmeeee. we arrived at exactly 9 but couldnt get off the plane since we didnt have a parking space? yeha. then we waited for luggage for forever. like we had a total of 6 and all of them came except mine and my sister's so we waited FOREVER. by the time we got out to the car it was 10:33. then we got home and me and my sister watched host club. since we missed two episodes and when we were in japan/taiwan stupid lunar didnt update. so we just went to youtube. then lots of checking lj and what not. uhh me and my sister also watched the finale of so you think you cand ance since we missed that too. uhhh then we went to bed at 2:30 and got up at 1:47 since gennia came over and is still here. which is good since we cant sleep like this for forever. like tomorrow. i need to wake up at 9 or someything and go to rampage. i forgot but i will ask someone later. then i need to register on tuesday and all during this week i need to do APUSH. I AM ALL ALONE NOW BECAUSE YOU ALL DROPPED! ;___; well i still know people in it but still!! ;______; then this weekened i think we are going to berkeley since my sister starts school next monday. ewww. school.

Edit: i just realized how many typos i had and felt dumb. damn that jet lag makes me stupid. that is why i fixed most of them.


is a lot nicer than Japan. only because the things are cheaper. our hotel has free internet but it is uber slow. oh well. so i miss japan but i like taiwan. the firist three nights we stayed at my aunts house. i got bitten by stupid misquitos. uhh i totally spelled that wrong. oh well im tired. its 12:10 in the morning right now. i think we are leaving taipei tomorrow to go visit my dad's friend for two days. then back to taipei and free internet. maybe free internet tomorrow. so uhh lets see. we went to the night markets yesterday which were super crowded and there were lots of cute cheap clothes. we are going back there in the morning when there are less people. the day before we went to visit my grandma's grave. today we just went to visit more fadmily butttt i found out we have a shrine or something. like its a temple and its a historical site now since its SUPER OLD. and like our family name is all over it. well not mine and my sister's but my dad's is on a thing. i dont think we saw it though since they are going to fix some parts of the temple since its cracking. its really small and we took lots of pictures of it. uhh we also went to visit my grandpa's brother and then hotel. oh yeah the street vendors are insane. like they have people watch for the police and when they see the police coming they yell to all the street people and then all the street people pack up there little table things and run. its insanneeee. i saw it once yesterday and then again tonight. oh yeah there are lots of doremon stuff here. again i spelled that wrong im sure. well i think i should go sleep.

hope you guys arent dying in the heat like i am. its so nasty and humid here. oh yeah SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPDATE ME ON THE MS. THURBER THING. WTFFF. i want to cry inside and i feel even worse for not BEING THERE for it. blerhh. do i have the best timing or what? every freaken time we go on vacation something bad happens. like the ner terrorist plot thing. i found out at the airport when i was going to leave japan for taiwan. WTFF andddd its going to be such a bitch now to get back into the states. ughh. and now i read old entries and find some little info on ms. thurber. BLEHHH. please send an email or something.

Sup beechesss

so i am in Tokyo right now. Central Hyatt Tokyo Hotel to be more distinct. its been pretty tiring so far. well all the people walk fast and their fast is like how i walk normally back home but we do lots of walking to my feet hurt. its 10:16 PM right now and its august 8th. ahahaha weird. me and my sister wanted to try to watch Bleach today since its on but we were still out eating with the tour. then we had to get on the subway which took forever since we didnt know how to buy the tickets. so i am going to be in tokyo for like a day and a half more. then off to taiwan. we went to the the Toyota showcase place today and it was pretty awesome.

We also went shopping today. freaken japan stuff is so expensive. i havent bought any clothes. HAHAHA. maybe tomorrow. so far all we bought is mostly food but today me and my sister got three bleach pins and a bleach figure from those like things were you put the coins in and turn it. yeah i forgot what they are called. oh yeah we also bought like 5 manga. its only like 4 bucks here. and they are way ahead of us with everything. like bleach they are ahead by 9 and with host club they are ahead by one only if the 7th one is still not out even though its supposed to be out this month. so we bought 1 bleach manga even though we read them before by downloading it and are ahead of those. and we bought 7 and 8 for host club. we also got character book things for bleach.

today it rained a bit since there is a typhon coming or something. my sandals were all wet and nasty but when they were dry, my sandals were all white and new looking. we have taken plenty of pictures but those can be posted maybe tomorrow since our hotel is awesome and gives free internet. there was this place we passed by today and the fruit was so expensive. like a melon is 100 bucks. WTFFF. anyway if there is really bad typing its because i am on my sister laptop and i suck at typing with this. hope its not nasty and hot over there. its not so hot here just humid so the air feels really nasty. update tomorrow hopefully!

So i am

leaving tomorrow or today for Japan and then Taiwan. Be back on the 19th. so i am missing registration boo. i want to know my schedule. anyway i will try to update this thing when i am there and post pictures maybe. i will probably text some of you guys to see if i can text. and uhh maybe call someone too when im at the airport. my flight is at 2:30 in the afternoon meaning i need to be there at 11:30ish. so yeah. see you guys laterzzz.


show today. my sister got to go to disneyland. lucky face. i could have if aci wasnt lame and my parents were nicer. oh well at least i got to sit next to patricia and we got to be dumb. sort of. Hatp show was fun but i liked it better last year since there were less people and it seemed more fun. there were so many babies and emo scene kids. it was crazzyy. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHELLY!@ IM SO SORRY YOU GOT IN TROUBLE AND I FEEL REALLY BAD. I WILL DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I FEEL SO BAD> I WILL MAKE COOKIES OR GIVE YOU ICE CREAM! YOU CAN HAVE MY UNBORN CHILDREN> THANKKKK YOUUUU!!!!!!
well, im off to japan and taiwan in 3 days. well i leave friday afternoon so yeah. if you guys want to hang out before i leave than you should call meee. maybe i can try to text you guys when im there. ahaha. but we definitely need to hang when i get back which is the 19th.


okay so here is my ginormous post. i doubt it will be though since i keep thinking about doing sick summerwork. ughh. and crampage. my day started at 6 maybe not since the heat made it impossible for me to sleep. i took a shower adn at 6:30 we left. got there were alreayd like 50 people and werent even sure if we would get tickets. called jessica to tell her to come then shelly and christina and maureen arrived. did some SAT work. and died. in the heat for like 10 hours or so. nasttyy. got mad at a lot of people and the people who got out of the matinee. also when they went in since they kept giving us these looks like "hah i have my ticket" or "eww you guys are sitting out here like your homeless" the sun came out adn ate us so we put up our umbrella fortress and had a faning system. i saved (i hope) shelly from dying in the heat with my CANADA umbrella. AHAHAH. when teh matinee people came out they kept asking stupid questions about us being in line or maybe it was stupid to me since i was in that phase where i target people and get pissed off. they were like "Oh are these people waiting for the evening show?" NO I JUST LIKE TO WAIT IN LINES FOR COUNTLESS HOURS. and i hated the people who like were fanning themselves when they got out and were like its hot. GO SHUTTUP YOU WERENT OUTSIDDEE THE WHOLE TIME. IM GOING TO SHOVE MY FAN UP YOURS ASS. and also this little girl walked by us and gave us a face like we smelled really bad. i didnt care since i was like yeah i bet i do since i am BAKING IN THE SUN! then we got our tickets like thirty-minutes later. i did a dance and gennia has the victory picture. then we went to the care to put our stuff bake and went to popeyes agian for teh air conditioning and food. got to the theater at 6 went in died. i went to the restroom with eva and i changed to jessica's awesome RENT SHIRT!!@ im so sad you couldnt go!! #&%#%. then we got our seats freaked out talked to some other rushers in the line and shelly since christina and maureen were far away. then it started! i loved being so close i kept catching little things other people were doing instead of watching the main thing. oh well it was good. and that conductor man was awesome. he was all cool looking with his mowhawk. ahhaa. i will do it christina's way.

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HOLY SHIT! OKAY THAT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD! all that getting up at 6:00(even though it was more like not sleeping the whole night because the damn heat and no AC at all) and getting there and dying and hating stupid people WAS SO WORTH THE FREAKNE SECOND ROW SEATS and MEETING THE CAST AFTER!!> #(*%#%#(*%# i have a short picture post adventure but i am lazy now. and i finally got to take ANOTHER shower since i took one in the morning. man i was so sick after this whole day. all hot and sweaty and nasty. ughhh. it was weird overcast, rain droplets, freaken sun. geeezzz. but man all worth it. everyone was so good and it was SO funny! #)$%^4 me and shelly kept freaking out together. and that one guy across from me. omggawwd when shelly got caught from trying to get a picture and then NO ONE ELSE DID> SO STUPUID but sort of funny. HAHAHA i dont know. maybe i am delusional. bleh whatever more tomorrow or the days following. today has made me love rent even more than i did before. <33333

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