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is a lot nicer than Japan. only because the things are cheaper. our hotel has free internet but it is uber slow. oh well. so i miss japan but i like taiwan. the firist three nights we stayed at my aunts house. i got bitten by stupid misquitos. uhh i totally spelled that wrong. oh well im tired. its 12:10 in the morning right now. i think we are leaving taipei tomorrow to go visit my dad's friend for two days. then back to taipei and free internet. maybe free internet tomorrow. so uhh lets see. we went to the night markets yesterday which were super crowded and there were lots of cute cheap clothes. we are going back there in the morning when there are less people. the day before we went to visit my grandma's grave. today we just went to visit more fadmily butttt i found out we have a shrine or something. like its a temple and its a historical site now since its SUPER OLD. and like our family name is all over it. well not mine and my sister's but my dad's is on a thing. i dont think we saw it though since they are going to fix some parts of the temple since its cracking. its really small and we took lots of pictures of it. uhh we also went to visit my grandpa's brother and then hotel. oh yeah the street vendors are insane. like they have people watch for the police and when they see the police coming they yell to all the street people and then all the street people pack up there little table things and run. its insanneeee. i saw it once yesterday and then again tonight. oh yeah there are lots of doremon stuff here. again i spelled that wrong im sure. well i think i should go sleep.

hope you guys arent dying in the heat like i am. its so nasty and humid here. oh yeah SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPDATE ME ON THE MS. THURBER THING. WTFFF. i want to cry inside and i feel even worse for not BEING THERE for it. blerhh. do i have the best timing or what? every freaken time we go on vacation something bad happens. like the ner terrorist plot thing. i found out at the airport when i was going to leave japan for taiwan. WTFF andddd its going to be such a bitch now to get back into the states. ughh. and now i read old entries and find some little info on ms. thurber. BLEHHH. please send an email or something.


Aug. 19th, 2006 06:59 am (UTC)
you are missing out on noob owning!

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